For Practitioners

How are you providing cancer patients the "extra cancer care support" they need to thrive during their cancer journey?


YOUR well-being impacts your PATIENTS well-being!

We know you want the VERY BEST outcomes for all your patients.

That's why you followed your passion becoming a dedicated practitioner!

If you're feeling like you can't provide them everything they need, that is understandable. That's why you're HERE on our site!


Time is not a renewable commodity, but we can help you save time, while improving the quality of life for your patients during this challenging time.

With the changing landscape of healthcare, practitioners are facing higher productivity demands and increased protocols which causes more time constraints for one-on-one time with patients & caregivers.


Infographic describing the impacts of practioners not having adequate time to assess their patients.

Being the compassionate practitioner you are, of course you want to help them cope with stress, fear, anxiety or help them with their exercise and nutrition patterns. 

By referring your patients and caregivers to the Circle of Hope Cancer Support, you are doing exactly that and MORE!!!

Circle of Hope Cancer Support is an important addition to the holistic care of cancer patients & caregivers.

Our philosophy is to complement patient's medical treatment teams and strategies by including our Evidence Informed Supportive Therapies


Our integrative approach supports healing and hope throughout their cancer journey.


Increase time with your patients discussing their medical care by referring your patients today.

Patients and their caregivers can immediately begin experiencing the benefits of:


  • Access to wellness experts
  • One stop shop for access to healthy information & services
  • Reduced costs for patients to access a well-rounded wellness team
  • Holistic & wellness access to patients in rural areas
  • Patient access to underserved areas
  • Reducing exposure to pathogens
  • No need to juggle childcare to participate
  • Peer-to-peer support for patients & caregivers


10 benefits of Circle of Hope Cancer Support

"Treating cancer is not just about the medicine, it’s also about the ‘Mind Medicine’. " 


This is a marathon not a sprint, so let’s align you;

Mind, Body, Heart and Soul by joining the Circle of Hope Cancer Support.



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