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How critical is the emotional, mental & physical well-being of your people while going through a cancer crisis? 



Having cancer or being a caregiver for someone with cancer, is an overwhelming life challenge. Add managing their career on top of that, and their stress compounds.


Stress is the #1 source of lost productivity and enemy of well-being.


Your employees may be showing up to work, but are they really "present"?





Presenteeism and Absenteeism

How are you providing these employees the support they need to thrive during this time?


As a leader, we know you want to take care of your people first, but you don’t always have the answers or the time to help.  Offering a solution to their needs, is an opportunity to express profound care for the well-being of your people.



Our Circle of Hope Cancer Support will fill-in the employee benefits gap for cancer patients & caregivers within your organization.


Classic benefits, like EAP programs, do not cover the unique needs of cancer patients & caregivers. Circle of Hope Cancer Support offers human-to-human support with health & wellness experts.


Our focus is our 4 Key Pillars of Care to help your people navigate this journey to thrive through cancer.

Pillars of Care Circle of Hope

Our Membership gives your Employees access to:

  • Unlimited access to Cancer Coaching Courses 
  • Journaling exercises and healthy recipes
  • Archived conversations with wellness experts
  • Wellness products & services at a discounted rate
  • A private online community
  • Customized resources, webinars, and podcasts
  • Privacy, compassion


Our Online Community

Our private community gives your people an exclusive space to engage in group discussions with other cancer patients, caregivers and wellness experts (anonymously, if desired), register to our webinars, and work 1-1 with a wellness expert of their choice, at a reduced rate.





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